Should Your Pet Travel in the Cabin?

Youre getting ready to uproot and move on to new territory. All of the moving arrangements have been made. YouҒre excited, stressed, and most likely completely overloaded. The last thing you need to figure out, or so you hope, is how to safely get your beloved puppy Pasqual from point A to B.

The distance is far enough that you dont want him cooped up in a truck for 3-4 days so you decide that this little guyҒs going to fly! Now, should you let him travel in the oh-so-malignedӔ cargo area, or let him curl his tiny self up on your lap in the cabin?

Sometimes all it takes is one look into the unquestionably trustful eyes of our four-legged friends to melt our hearts and banish any thought of high altitude separation. But is this really the best option for your pet?

Take into consideration a number of factors that might prove the contrary:

Only carriers small enough to fit under the seat will be accepted on any airline. This means that your pet, no matter how small, is going to have very limited room to move and lay down. Comfort is obviously not at the forefront.

׷ Your pet can see you, hear you, and smell you --- yet it cant actually be with you. This adds a whole new level of puppy stress to the equation.

ҷ The constant barrage of outside stimuli can often be overwhelming to your pet. Whether it be the continuous passing of the meal cart or the invariable chatter of those around you, all have an effect on addling your pet.

Consider other passengers in the area. You might be surprised how many people have allergies to our loved ones.

At, we work overtime with pet-friendly airlines to provide the utmost care and attention to your pets. When properly handled and cared for pets traveling in the cargo section rarely have any idea that theyגre even traveling at all. As far theyre concerned, your pets are just sitting in a room that might ғshake a little bit.

We make sure that your furry friends are always in a comfortable environment throughout the course of their trip. No overload of the senses, a comfortable amount of space to move and sleep, and no frustration at seeing you but being stuck in a crate.

So take some time to really think about whatԒs best for your pets and you might find out some pretty surprising answers.


PetRelocation Team




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