Smoke, Spot and Scrappy’s pet move to Singapore!

Name: Lynda
Pets' Names: Smoke, Spot and Scrappy
From: Houston, TX
To: Singapore

Cara, our relocation specialist was wonderfully patient with me, as I asked lots of questions about our first time moving pets internationally. Singapore has lots of rules (for everything!) and Cara helped us navigate the paperwork and coordinated with our vet to get the kitties and their paperwork ready in time for the move. When we needed help, we just asked and she came through. She really helped reassure us about the whole process. She always kept us informed if she was going out of town and had a great backup person up to date on our move. When we arrived and had to possibly arrange boarding after quarantine, she made all the arrangements and got us in touch with someone, even from the other side of the world. We will be calling you guys again when we move the next time. Smoke, Spot and Scrappy are now settled in and enjoying the view from their 15th floor condo. And we're so happy to have them with us!



PetRelocation Team




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