Some Points Regarding Pets in Indonesia

Your decision of taking your pet along with you to Indonesia will no doubt be influenced by a number of different factors. It will require considerable money as well as effort to import your pet to Indonesia. However, if you are really attached to your pet and feel responsible for it the way any good owner should, then you might decide to take it to Indonesia along with your family. The procedures for taking your pet can be easily found out on line, from the Indonesian embassy or consulate or from your pet relocator. Some points that will give you a good idea about how your pets will fare in Indonesia are as follows:

If you are planning to stay in Jakarta, then you will easily have access to well-trained vets. Other cities also have some vets but you might face problems in getting a vet if you are in a small town or village. Both you and your pets will be forced to adjust to the extreme heat and humidity of Indonesia. Apart from the heat, you will also face difficulties in keeping your pets free from parasites like fleas and ticks and fungal growth and infections. Pets with short hair fare will fare better than long haired ones in such conditions. Consulting a vet as soon as you get the opportunity after reaching Indonesia, regarding the avoidance of these parasites is advised. Dog snatchers are another major threat to the welfare and safety of your pet. A number of ethnic groups in Malaysia eat dogs, with many of them picking up domestic dogs for consumption. Your dog can be stolen by these people if left outdoors un-chaperoned. Packaged pet food is available in , especially in the big cities. Brands like Pedigree, Friskies and Ralston Purina are available at major supermarkets while premium brands like IAMS, Eagle, Life Science Diet, Nutro and Royal Canine are available at some pet shops. However, the cost of feeding your pet imported food might prove to be high. In fact, the cost of your dog or cats food might very well exceed the total cost of what your household staff would spend on their food daily. This has more to do with the disparity between the haves and have-nots in Indonesia than with your spending too much on your pets. Pet shops in Indonesia are quite well equipped and you can easily find chains, collars & leads, airline-approved cages & kennels, health aids, shampoos, pet toys and treats. If you want more for your pet, then you can go to specialized pet stores that provide you with all kinds of pets as well as any services that you might require for your pet. Indonesia is too poor a country to be able to afford pets. So the general public cannot be thought of as being very pet friendly, and you might have problems getting rented accommodation if you plan to live in an apartment building. Having a dog might also prove to be an obstacle in finding and retaining domestic help.

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