Sri Lanka and it’s Wildlife!

Sri Lanka - The island paradise on earth. Due to its location in the path of major sea routes, Sri Lanka is a strategic naval link between West Asia and South East Asia. It has been a center of Buddhist religion and culture from ancient times. Today, the country is a multi-religious and multi-ethnic nation, with a quarter of the population following faiths other than Buddhism, notably Hinduism, Christianity and Islam.

Famous for the production and export of tea, coffee, rubber and coconuts, Sri Lanka boasts a progressive and modern industrial economy.

The natural beauty of Sri Lanka's tropical forests, beaches and landscape, as well as its rich cultural heritage make it a world famous tourist destination. So a lot of tourists enjoy the lovely beaches and the wide range of wildlife in this country. So you and your pet are in safe hands while traveling here as there are many organized tour operators who make your stay a special one.

The cuisine in this country is amazing as you get the perfect mix of modern and traditional cooking. Sri Lankans have added western influences to the customary diet such as rice and curry, pittu (mixture of fresh rice meal, very lightly roasted and mixed with fresh grated coconut, then steamed in a bamboo mould). Kiribath (cooked in thick coconut cream for this unsweetened rice-pudding which is accompanied by a sharp chili relish called "lunumiris"), wattalapam (rich pudding of Malay origin made of coconut milk, jaggery, cashew nuts, eggs, and various spices including cinnamon cloves and nutmeg), kottu, and hoppers ("appa"), batter cooked rapidly in a hot curved pan, accompanied by eggs, milk or savories. So if this is not enough for you I would suggest you go on a diet!!!

Sri Lanka's climate can be described as tropical, and quite hot. The mean temperature ranges from a low of 16C to a high of 32аC and the average yearly temperature for the country as a whole ranges from 28 to 30 C. Day and night temperatures may vary by 4 to 7. So your buddy will enjoy the sunny beaches for sure and it wonВt be hard to make him enjoy the beauty. The humidity will still be high and its better to take in lots of fluids while you enjoy the beaches.

As the area covered by forests declined, thereby threatening various species of wildlife, Sri Lanka became the first country in the world to establish a wildlife sanctuary. Among them, the RuhunuNational Park in the southeast protects herds of elephant, deer, and peacocks, and the WilpattuNational Park in the northwest preserves the habitats of many water birds, such as storks, pelicans, ibis, and spoonbills. The wildlife is well preserved in this country and any nature enthusiast can have treat whilst his stay here. During your dog travel or cat travel, your buddy for sure will enjoy every moment spent in the vast expanse of the wild life in this country.


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