Summer Travel: Pet Sitting and Boarding Tips for when Pets Need to Stay Behind

dogThis is a guest post from our friends at Canine Journal.

It's not always possible to bring your furry friends along with you when you travel, so here are some tips for making sure they have the care and attention they deserve when they need to stay behind.


If you are planning to board your pet for a holiday vacation or business trip, book a spot well in advance in order to avoid last minute hassles and problems. Also, as soon as you decide to board, take your pet to the doctor and get veterinary clearance and any vaccines that he needs to meet the boarding facility's standards (usually rabies and bordetella). When boarding, you might want to make sure that your pet has the type of food that he is most used to, as well.

Any facility that you decide to patronize should answer any questions you have clearly and respectfully, and in order to provide your animal with the best care, the facility needs to know:

  • All of your contact information
  • Who a local emergency contact would be for your family
  • Whether your dog has any special needs (aggression, medication, anxiety etc.)
  • Your vet’s contact information
  • Any allergy information

If your animal has never stayed at a boarding facility before, it might be a good idea to have him stay for several half days first, so that he can get used to the people and the environment. This will make the transition less stressful for him and he will know in his heart that you will be back to get him soon, so he will have less anxiety.

In-Home Pet Sitting

Hiring a pet sitter is a great option for many people. This allows pets to stay in the home that they love and receive care, attention, food and exercise from someone that seems like a friend of the family. You can choose to go with a service or hire an individual, and in either case you should be able to check references and feel confident about the person that you are hiring. A friend who is also a dog lover may also be a good option to consider.

Sometimes services can be better options. They may be easier to deal with because they take all of the legwork out of finding someone that you can trust. They run background checks for you and gather all of the worker’s references together for you. With a professional pet sitting service, anyone that comes to your home would be experienced, professional and qualified to care for your animal, and that person will respect your home and possessions.

In-home pet sitting might be a little more expensive than traditional boarding, but it often requires less preparation and less change for your pet. That being said, if your dog will enjoy the company of other animals while you are gone, then boarding might be a better option for you.

As you can see, it will take a little time and prep work before you travel to ensure that your pet will be safe and comfortable while you're away, but it's an activity certainly worth the effort. Happy traveling!


Michelle Schenker,
Michelle Schenker,

Michelle Schenker is the COO of Cover Story Media. She enjoys hanging out with her dogs Bella and Lily, yoga, hiking, indie films and watching bad reality TV.

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