Summer’s Not Over Yet: Pet Flights & Heat Embargo Updates

As we reported a few weeks ago, it's almost time to start looking forward to cooler weather and the end of summer airline embargoes. To refresh your memory, many airports will go back to normal cargo (pet flight) hours and operations beginning in mid-September, but nothing is set in stone.

For example, we were just notified that British Airways' heat embargo for DFW, though originally set to lift Sept. 15, has been extended at that location until Oct. 1. Other airports and airlines may announce similar changes to plans they've already outlined, so be sure to check everything carefully before booking a flight.

In short -- if you're planning a pet flight in the next few weeks, it's wise to prepare yourself to be flexible. If hot weather persists, you'll still have to deal with abbreviated hours and restrictions in certain places. Though inconvenient, remember that it's all in the name of safety!

Please contact PetRelocation if you have questions about flying with your pet, and stay in touch for more updates.



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