Take a Video Tour of Phoenix Sky Harbor’s Pet Relief Areas

This post is all about threes. It's week three of our Pet Friendly Airport Spotlight and day three of our our exploration of Phoenix Sky Harbor - which has three designated pet areas in all.

As we've discussed, PHX aims to be an attractive and ultra-friendly airport, a fact that applies to the needs of the pets and service animals who pass through here as well as the human travelers.

Enjoy this mini-video tour for a closer look at the facilities here, and continue to check back with us during the rest of the month as we continue to explore more pet friendly airports.

PetRelocation.com's Pet Friendly Airport Spotlight series features a few airports with noteworthy pet relief areas. These Spotlights will highlight one airport each week, Monday through Thursday, through the month of November. We'll take a look at the various aspects of the pet areas, including the amenities offered and their general accessibility. For a look at the rest of our Airport Spotlight series, check out the Airport Spotlight page or on Twitter as #PetReloAS.


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