Taking Your Pet to Thailand

While a number of people think of Thailand as an underdeveloped and poor country, Thailand itself is busy dispelling these myths and proving such people wrong every second, every step of the day. While the country does have its fair share of small towns and villages, cities like Bangkok are highly developed and boast of wide, clean roads, posh high rises and the amazing boutiques and shopping centers. Apart from this, the country is also rich in natural beauty with Phuket in the south being one of the hottest holiday spots in the world. Due to the unique mixture of the modern and the quaint that it presents,Thailand is already a famous tourist spot; being on the much traveled list of many famous celebrities and Hollywood stars.

In case you are planning to relocate to Thailand for some time, then you may look forward to a good experience. Thailand has stores that sell almost everything you might want or need, and the prices of goods are much lower here as compared to the US or Europe. In case you are planning to take your pets along, then please do so, since the needs of your pets will be easily catered to by the numerous pet stores or by the well stocked pet sections in grocery stores in Bangkok. On top of this, Bangkok is a pet friendly place and getting your pets to Bangkok is also fairly simple.

Importing your pets to Thailand is a simple and easy exercise. Like with any pet transfer across borders, you will need to get your pets vaccinations and health certificate up to date. The next step is getting an import license. This can be done after you have reached Thailand with your pet. The Import License can be obtained personally from Room number 305 at the Customs Building Number 2 at Don Muang Airport. The import license takes a day to process and will be issued free of charge to you. The only hitch involved here is that the import license cannot be obtained from your home country and the office does not entertain any phone calls or emails regarding issue of the license. So you personally need to go and get the license.

Once you are there with your pet in Bangkok, then you will easily have access to proper veterinary facilities, pet food and accessories like you have back home. However, your pet might face a number of problems which are caused due to the excessive heat in Bangkok. Mosquitoes are a great nuisance for dogs and human beings both, and wreak havoc on animals that have short hair. Apart from these, skin and blood parasites like ticks and fleas are in abundance due to the hot weather. Heartworm is almost endemic to Bangkok while snakes can also be found in some areas. It is advised that you consult a local vet as soon as possible after reaching Bangkok so that you may know about saving your pets from these hazards.

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