Taking Your Pets to Singapore? Start Getting Things in Shape Right Now!

While moving to Singapore as such is no great shakes, taking your pets along might prove to be quite a cumbersome process. The rules and regulations for getting a pet to Singapore are almost as strict, if not more, as those involved in taking pets to Australiaor the UK. If you are relocating to Singapore for a period of six months or less, then finding somebody to take care of your pet is a better idea than taking it with you. In case you cannot leave your pet behind or are relocating to Singapore for a longer period pf time, then given below are some points that will help you in getting acquainted with the process of pet transfers to Singapore:

An import license is required for getting your pets inside You will be required to submit the completed import license to the concerned authorities at least two weeks before taking your pet. A fee of S$50 will need to be paid for a single import license.

To be eligible for an import license, your dog must be implanted with a microchip matching their veterinary papers. You will also need a health certificate from your vet that should certify that your dog has been found healthy and vaccinated against diseases. Singapore is rabies and other dog disease free zone, and as such the country takes a number of precautions to keep it this way. Your dogs health certificate will also have to indicate your dogҒs microchip identification code. Make sure that your dogs microchip is ISO-compatible.

Your pet's International Health Certificate should be issued no more than 7 days prior to your arrival in Singapore. All dogs arriving into Singapore have to be vaccinated against Hepatitis, Distemper, and Parvo Virus. It will be vaccinated against rabies once it arrives in Singapore(at your cost, of course!)

Animals from countries apart from UK, Ireland, New Zealand and Australia will need to be quarantined for 30 days after entry into>Singapore. If your pet is less than 4 months old, then it will be quarantined until the age of four months and additional 30 days after that. You will have to bear all quarantine and import related costs. After your dog is released from quarantine, you must have it licensed. The license fee for a male dog or a sterilized female dog is S$10 and for an un-sterilized female dog is S$50.It is obvious that sterilization is highly encouraged by the government. You will be required to produce a sterilization certificate issued by your veterinarian along with a full description of your dog, in case you want to avail a lower fee for your sterilized female dog. Your dogs license will be valid for one year and needs to be renewed yearly. The license tags provided should be attached securely to the pet's collar whenever they are outside the house. Pet cats do not need a license.

Finding accommodation when you own a cat will be very tough, since cats are not allowed in Singapore in Housing and Development Board flats. You can however keep a single dog with you, of a breed that is approved by the board.

It is best that you get all the details regarding import, quarantine and the stay of your pet in Singapore from the respective authorities before taking pet travel there. Many owners have lost their pets at the Singapore International Airport, because of improper documentation and procedures.

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