Tampa, Florida - USA

Going to a riverside, camping out, trekking are some common activities carried out during the holidays. Tampa, the city in Florida referred to, as Tampa Bay is a hot spot for families to vacation in. With the lovely coastline filled with beaches and ideal weather all through the year, except for the odd thunder and showers, this serves as the perfect place to relax and have fun. Thanks to sudden spurts of lightening strikes, this city also sports the name Lightening Capital of USAӔ. Although it is a small city, it boasts of the famous Tampa Bay Hotel, which was established way back in 1891, and subsequently the University of Tampa in 1933, which was the first of its kind in this city.

The Bay shore Boulevard, which is the longest sidewalk in America, is right here in Tampa. Everywhere you go, you see tourists flocking the place adding to the revenue of the country. Not only is this city ideal for humans, but its most welcome to our other two and four legged friends, a city that is covered with parks and playgrounds exclusively for animals is a haven for animal lovers. Busch Gardens is a very popular theme park that has rides, and shows exclusively for animals, so if you are bringing your extended family along on the holiday, you can be assured that they will enjoy the trip as much as you, if not more. Greyhound racing is an exciting annual event, which commenced in 1933 and attracts participants and observers from all over the country.

Tampa Bay also has a wide range of hotels, stores and restaurants that are open to people as well as their travel with pets. This is where pet lovers dont just pick and choose their home furniture but can also buy items for their pets. Apparently every area in Tampa bay city has a dog park or play area for animals which means your pet need not be cooped up inside all the time, he too can go out, play, maybe even make some new friends. Apart from this, Dunedin and Davis islands are places where dog lovers can go have a good time with their dogs; there are fenced play areas for the canine, and cordoned off areas on the beach for them to swim or just run about freely. Not only these but it is said that there are dog friendly condos being built which will have dogs friendly surroundings, a play area, and matching landscapes. What more could you ask for, in fact this city is so good, you might even considering moving here just so you and your pet can live a happy life together without worries about any restrictions.

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