Tecnhology Unleashed - 5 Handy iPhone Apps for Pet Owners

Like everything else we do in our lives, taking good care of our pets can easily become a high-tech activity thanks to, among other things, a few recent smartphone developments. Now that we can each have the power of the internet in the palm of our hand, it's easy for pet travel and general pet care to become streamlined, fun endeavors.

We've recently run across a few handy pet-friendly iPhone apps that could make life easier at home and on the road. Check these out and let us know which tools you've come to rely on.

Off Leash 2.3
Free, Eukanuba
Perfect for dog-owners whose pups love to run free, this app locates the five nearest off-leash dog parks wherever you
may be. Next time you’re out of town and find yourself
with a hyper dog by your side, this little guide could be a sanity-saver.

$2.99, App Inspire, LLC
When you’re in a new city (or even just exploring your own), it’s nice to know where you and your pet are both welcome. Find dog-friendly businesses, read reviews, add your own content and peruse maps with this handy application that opens the door to the world of animal-accompanied travel.

Free, HomeAgain
The fact that millions of pets go missing every year should be a statistic of the past. Let’s use our powers of technology for good, help identify missing animals and return them to their rightful homes! This app facilitates reunions by letting you map lost pets in your area and check recent alerts sounded by worried owners.

Pet First Aid 2.0
$3.99, jive.me
Pet First Aid will connect you with videos, tutorials and step-by-step guides for how to deal with a variety of situations that may possibly (but hopefully never) arise. It’s always best to be prepared, so if you spend your time with an accident prone pet, this may be a handy tool to have in your virtual arsenal.

Free, PetSafe
Whether you’re absentminded, have a multiple-pet household or are simply striving to be better organized, this app serves as an orderly system for keeping all your appointments, medical updates and reminders in check. Never miss a heart worm pill or vet visit again.

By the way, we’re certainly not trying to ignore the other major platform... Did we miss something, Android users? Let us know what your go-to applications are!


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