Texas Traditions: Bluebonnet Pet Photos

Benni + BluebonnetsIt's wildflower season in Central Texas. Before summer arrives and temperatures start to skyrocket, Hill Country residents are lucky enough to enjoy a few weeks filled with blooming bluebonnets and other gorgeous wildflowers.

Since our springtime is brief but beautiful, Austinites have become good at taking advantage of the photo ops presented by the arrival of the wildflowers, and for PetRelocation employees, this means posing our favorite four-legged friends in front of the blooms. (That's Maegan's dog Benni to the left, masterfully illustrating how it's done.)

Take a look at our collection of bluebonnet pet portraits to see how we spend our hours away from the office, and feel free to send us your own photo sessions via Twitter (@petrelocation) and we'll share them with our readers!


tobi's dogs

Tobi gets extra high fives for capturing all three of her dogs so beautifully (that's Clementine, Gus and the aptly named Bluebonnet).



Piggy (Linda's dog) always has time to stop and smell the flowers.



Kelley's dog Modi cannot contain his excitement.



Skipper (also Kelley's dog) has a more relaxed approach.



This is Bravo's first bluebonnet season and he's already a pro! (Rachel adopted him just a few weeks ago.)


Happy bluebonnet season, everyone -- we hope to see some of your photos, too!


PetRelocation Team




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