Thank you from Qatar!


Thank you very much for looking after Betty Boo and Foxy during our relocation from the USA to Qatar. Matt Kincaid provided a world class service. Matt's answers to my questions were quick and accurate. He made me feel at ease choosing to move my babies.

The agent is Doha went above and beyond her scope whilst clearing customs with the girls. As it was too late to bring them to the pet hotel, she took them home with her and kept them for 2 days until our house was ready.

Betty Boo and Foxy were as we left them in the States: not stressed at all!

A word of advice about Qatar and dogs: it is not a good place to have pets here. We got threatened to have the police come to remove our dogs 2 days after behind in our compound and we had to find another compound accepting dogs, which can be challenging in a country where there is a shortage of houses. Nevertheless, we are now settled in a nice compound with a grass area (luxury!!).

We didn't know before coming here that the Muslim religion does not tolerate dogs as they are considered uncleaned because of the way the clean themselves. Locals especially kids are not used to seeing dogs and just want to tease and throw things at them... We live in a compound with westerners so they are OK here.

Again, Thank you for the service provided and when we are ready to come back to the States, which should be at the latest mid-February 2009, I will be sure to get in touch with your company.

Emmanuelle M


PetRelocation Team




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