The Department of Transportation Wants to Know: How Should Airport Pet-Relief Areas be Improved?

airport relief areaLast week the U.S. Department of Transportation announced plans to make changes to the rules regarding service animal relief areas in airports, and they're now accepting feedback from the public about how to proceed.

Last year we published a pet-friendly airport series that took a look at a few facilities, and we found that some airports had better relief areas than others. Airports are required by law to provide amenities for service animals (and by extension, all traveling pets), but a uniform set of requirements has yet to be put in place.

Currently it's being proposed that one animal relief area exist per terminal, which most people would agree isn't enough, and the placement of the relief areas is also a topic of debate. John Ensminger, a lawyer, writer and dog advocate, has created a comprehensive rundown of the current situation on his blog, Dog Law Reporter, and you can check out's full Pet-Friendly Airport Series on our blog.

Have you traveled through an airport with a dog lately? Do you have some ideas about the availability of pet relief areas and where they should be located? Well, now is the time make your voices heard.  Take a look at the official report and then submit your input sometime before November 28, 2011.


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