The Importance of Health Certificates When Moving Pets

We often receive calls from concerned pet owners who are soon to be moving with their pets and have no idea how to begin the process.  While every country has different import requirements, all pets, regardless of destination, are required to have a health certificate issued by their veterinarian at least within 10 days of travel.  Not only does this ensure that your pet is in good physical shape to fly, but it is required by all pet airlines as proof that your pet is in good enough condition for them to accept any type of liability in the transport.

Given the typically hectic schedule of a family's last minute preparations for a move, a vet visit can prove quite bothersome, but rest assured, the requirement of a health certificate is not meant as a way to give you a headache.  Making sure your pet is healthy and more than fit to travel is always the right thing to do.  Rather than finding any health issues after it is too late, prior to moving pets, going to the vet is a way to make sure your pet has the safest trip possible.  And the reason for the 10 day rule?  To ensure that your pet's health is checked as close to the day of the pet move as possible.  A number of health related issues can rear their ugly heads in a small period of time, so it's best to get everything checked when it actually matters!


PetRelocation Team




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