The pet travel scene: Meet Ginger, the director of pet relations at the Muse Hotel

Pet travel seems to be growing easier and easier these days, with some hotels bending over backward to make sure that pets of various shapes and sizes are well-taken care of when they find themselves away from home.

We ran across this article in the Washington Post about one stellar hotel in particular - the Muse in New York City. This swanky establishment located near Times Square has opened its doors to dogs, cats, pigs and even a sloth (who was tagging along with Discovery Channel staffers). With friendliness, knowledge and a healthy sense of humor, the Muse certainly raises the bar when it comes to offering pet-friendly amenities.

Functioning as the glue that holds the Muse together (in name, at least) is Ginger, a teacup Pomeranian who holds the title of Director of Pet Relations. From her perch at the front desk, Ginger greets guests, receives emails and enjoys play dates with hotel visitors in need of a little fun. We actually met Ginger a while back when one of our pet relocation specialists stayed at the Muse with a dog named Mocha. Check out our Pup in the Air series and the video below for a better look at Ginger and the pampering that visitors can expect when they check in to the Muse hotel!


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