Thinking of Buying a Puppy Online? Check out ‘Same Day Pups’ First

Puppy scams come up quite a bit on our site. Unfortunately, pet lovers around the world are continuously taken in by dishonest people promising cute puppies (and kittens and birds) at low prices, and victims are left feeling confused and angry.

We constantly field calls and emails from people who have already or almost lost money to pet scammers, and we respond by sending these heartbroken online shoppers with educational links about how to avoid pet scams and suggest that they consider adopting locally, instead.

The existence of criminals selling fake puppies is terrible, of course, but there's something even bigger to talk about: Buying pets online in the first place. Not only is trying to buy a pet online likely to lead you into the grasp of a fraudster, doing this encourages the existence of puppy mills, which leads to overpopulation and inhumane treatment of animals.

That's why we're on board with SameDayPups. At first glance this website seems to advocate the idea of finding perfect puppy love by buying a designer dog online and having it magically delivered, but with each click you'll see that the authors of this movement have a different agenda altogether.

Take a look at this inventive campaign and let us know what you think in the comments.


IN SUMMARY: Don't shop for pets online -- adopt locally instead!


PetRelocation Team




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