Third Annual Summer Pet Travel Survey Results

The results from our third annual Summer Pet Travel Survey are in! Pets -- especially dogs -- are traveling more than ever. Below is the complete breakdown of the data from this year's survey.

2012 Pet Travel Survey Results

What kind of pets do you travel with?

Dogs - 85%
Cats - 25%

How soon do you plan to travel with your pet?

Within the next 3 months - 47%
Within the next year - 40%
I do not travel with my pet - 12%

On average, how often do you travel with your pet?

Monthly - 15%
Annually - 42%
Every few years - 37%
I don’t - 5%

What is the most difficult part of traveling with pets?

Not enough selection of pet-friendly airlines - 17%   
Not enough selection of pet-friendly hotels - 40%
Not enough information on pet health requirements for travel - 12%
Airline pet travel fees are too expensive - 12%
Hotel pet fees are too expensive - 17%

What is most important to you when planning your pet's travel arrangements?

The safety of my pet. - 60%
Pricing and keeping the cost down. - 15%
Convenience to my own travel arrangements. - 25%

Have you ever traveled internationally with your pet?

Yes - 30%
No - 70%

In the next year, do you plan on traveling internationally with your pet?

Yes - 22%
No - 72%
Maybe - 5%

Choose to fly on an airline because they allowed pets or were "pet-friendly?"

Yes - 27%
No - 72%

Choose to stay at a hotel because they allowed pets or were "pet-friendly?"

Yes - 57%
No - 42%

Would you consider changing your original travel plans in order to better accommodate your pet?

Yes - 90%
No - 10%


Our survey also asked for general comments on pet travel from participants. Below are hand-picked comments which capture the most common concerns and observations participants made:

pet travel surveyI would like more options for traveling via air with my pet - including purchasing a seat for my pet - at $250 round trip pet fees with less carry-on space. I'd rather spend more and have more room for both of us!

pet travel survey

I would love a tracking system to know where they are and how they are doing.


pet travel surveyI drive 15 hours to Delaware every year so I can bring my dog to the beach with the family. If flying with a dog were more convenient, safe, or less expensive I might not have to drive anymore.

pet travel surveyThe costs [of traveling with pets] will probably be painful, but leaving them back would be more painful.

pet travel surveyI would never fly with my dog because he is too big to fit under the seat next to me. We've chosen to drive cross country on two occasions so we could take the dog with us. We set up the back of our sport wagon like his own home, and he loves it.

pet travel surveyI LOVE my dog! I am however scared to death of putting her on a plane cargo hold. She is a large dog and it would frighten her terribly. I wish there was something better for flying with your big dog.

pet travel surveyI love taking my dog with me everywhere. Right now there are not enough pet friendly hotels.


pet travel survey We are traveling a lot more [with our pet] and going further than ever thought.


pet travel surveyWe travel 5200km every 3 months by car with our Bull Mastiff. He is a part of the family. It is troubling to find a hotel that will allow our "family". Sometimes this leads to extra long times in the car to make it to the next "pet-friendly" hotel.

pet travel surveyWe find that a lot of hotels have weight restrictions on pets which is frustrating.


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Dogs rule! Among people who travel with pets, 85% bring their dogs as companions.

Don’t forget the cat... One quarter of pet travelers include their feline companions.

In 2010, 1/3 of pet travelers said price of air travel was a roadblock. In 2012: only 12%.

Who needs a vacation? Nearly 1/2 of pet owners plan to travel with their pets this summer.

Attention hotel owners: 40% of people think there should be more pet-friendly hotels.

Safety first! Sixty percent of pet travelers name “safety” as their top priority.

More than 1/2 of people would choose a hotel based on its pet-friendliness.

90% of pet owners would change their travel plans to better accommodate their pets.

40% of pet travelers think there aren’t enough pet-friendly hotels (up 8% from 2011).

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