This Week in Pet Travel News

There's always something going on in the wild and wonderful world of pet travel. Here are a few of the most intriguing news items of the week:

-AOL Travel recently published a round-up of pet shipping info and tips. Find out what A Day in the Life of a Pet in Airline Cargo is like, and for more information about pet-friendly Continental Airlines, take a behind-the-scenes look at their cargo operations.

-Planning a pet move to Switzerland anytime soon? Be aware that the Swiss Import Regulations have changed a bit. Another reason to always do plenty of careful research or hire a pet relocation service if you're moving internationally.

-As 2011 gets underway, Orbitz has released their Travel Predictions for the year. Among other things, they're guessing that travelers will see an expansion in pet-friendly amenities, particularly from resorts. Makes sense to us, as pet travel trends suggest that more people are bringing their dogs and cats along with them when they leave home.

-This one isn't exactly travel-related, but it's pet news worth sharing. A South Carolina border collie has demonstrated her knowledge of over 1,000 words after being trained by her owner, a psychologist interested in exploring the capabilities of a dog's mind. Read the full New York Times article about this amazing pup.

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