Tips on Taking Your Pets to Greece

Greece is one of the most, if not the most culturally rich countries in the world. So when in Greece, you can expect to keep getting your daily dose of history. But this is not all, for the country is known for its parties and night clubs and will in no way let the party animal down. You can expect to have a great time in Greece, whether you are a nature lover, a culture and literature reader or a party animal.

Tempting Greek cuisine awaits the gourmet or the food freak. Greek food is a delightful mixture of Oriental and European dishes and a lot of its special dishes are seasonal or festival related. On top of this, Greece is considered to be an ideal destination for shopping a wide variety of products. The high streets as well as tourist centric markets are open from morning till late at night throughout the week. So Greece offers something of interest to almost everybody. If you are relocating there with your family, then you may expect to live a life that is lively and eventful, since the island offers numerous methods of recreation to its people and tourists.

In case you are planning to take your pets to Greece, then you will need a health certificate for your cat or dog certifying that it is infection free, in good health and has had a rabies inoculation not more than 6 days before arrival in Greece. This is in compliance with World Health Organization (WHO) requirements .The same would be required when you leave Greece with your pet. This certificate needs to be validated by an appropriate medical authority in the country. This may also be done by the Greek consulate in your country. Apart from this, all animals entering Greece need to be fitted with an electronic identification system like a transponder or should have an identification tattoo. However, most expatriates will tell you that these things are generally not checked stringently and you can easily visit Greece and come back without once having to show any pet related papers to any authority. However, it is better to be safe than sorry and you should definitely try to follow the law of the land in case you do not want your pet to suffer any harm. While boarding kennels are available in Greece, there arent many, and even then most are a far cry from your regular American kennels in terms of facilities and standards. In case you require the services of one, you will need to make advance bookings.

A number of options are available for transferring your pets to Greece. Many pet airlines let you take your pets with you as excess baggage, which you may keep with you in the cabin or in the cargo hold. Whether your pet lands up in the cargo or not depends mainly upon its weight and the airline policy, and it is best to check with the airline you plan to book your pet travel with. You can also transfer your pet as air cargo. Another option is to get your pet transferred through pet transportation companies. This is generally the most convenient method for you and most comfortable for your pet since these companies take care of most of your pet transfer related issues themselves and take utmost care of your pet.



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