To Australia with Pets!

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Moving your pets to Australia!

Australia, the most beautiful country or continent according to most. Separated from the rest of the world for ages, this wonderful country has made its mark in world history. Be it politics, sports, economy or technology Australia has always been in top slots. The hat trick cricket world cup wins, to the Kangaroos of the world was another feather in the cap of the Ostrich land.

Being the 6th largest country in the world Australia has relatively lower population. It also is the driest continent next to Antarctica.

With an outstanding economy in the recent years Australia surely is ruling the economics of the world. The efficiency of the government and flexible and competitive business sector the country is enjoying its current status in world economy.

The country boasts of having amazing cities like Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide etc. The most favored tourist spot for anyone who wants to have adventure as a part of their holiday.

If you are taking your pets along with you to this land of adventure you have some serious procedures to be followed. Any animal entering Australia has to go through Quarantine. Quarantine is an important step to make sure that no diseases are brought into Australia as this is one country which is free from many animal-related diseases.

If you have a general taste in terms of your pets it helps as cats and dogs are much easier to be carried into Australia than other pets like ferrets and reptiles.
So to move your pet into Australia you need to apply with AQIS (Animal Quarantine Stations) at least 5 months before you intend to visit the country. The AQIS officers will assess the application and if your pet meets the conditions they grant you an import permit. There are 3 AQIS stations in Australia at Perth, Melbourne and Sydney,

Some important information about AQIS:

* Most AQIS are fully booked for the entire year and so if you want the movement to be smooth its better to book your slot at least 5 months in advance.
* Once you get the import permit using the permit number you have to book your slot at AQIS by getting in touch with the AQIS officials.

AQIS has classified countries into different categories and each category has different set of rules and procedures to be followed. Different categories have varied days that a pet should be in quarantine. So it will be a tough task for your pet mate to pass the test and get into Australia

There are many pet friendly motels in Australia which accommodate and take care of your friendly traveler. Do search the net for availability and book in advance. Make sure that your petmate enters the country and then there is no stopping with its clean air and wonderful climate that your buddy may just forget you!!


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