To China with Pets!

China is a country, which has the oldest continuing civilization, and a country known for its great wall built between 5th and 16th century. The country also has the longest continuous written language system in the world. Buddhism is the main religion in China and it has a variety of climate in different parts of the country. Its mainland has temperate continental climate with hot summers and considerable cool winters.

People in China are known to be very intelligent and it shows in the amount of inventions that have been contributed by Chinese to the world. The Ancient Chinese have contributed 4 main inventions to the world - Paper, Compass, Gunpowder and Printing to the world.

As for travel to China, it has become one of the top destinations in the world. Many expatriates are moving to Shanghai and Beijing each and every day. It is great to see the surge in movement and when you plan on bringing your pets with you, it will be easy for you to have your pet with you in China!

Cats and dogs can be carried into Shanghai or Beijin by baggage or cargo but its important to have proof of vaccination and of course good health. Rabbits, ferrets, snakes, rodents, fish or birds you would not be happy to hear that these are not allowed to be imported into Shanghai. Also there are has to be resident VISA against your name for you to be able to carry a pet into Shanghai.

Quarantine in Shanghai is a standard 1 month procedure and your pet might just like it as it can be reduced only a 7-day mandatory quarantine if your pet approved as healthy in this period the rest of the 23 days can be a home quarantine.

Some important tips on how pets are handled in Shanghai are below.

All dogs have to be leashed in public areas and this is a law as well. And watch out Police has a job of catching your dogs as well when found off leash. There are a few parks, which allow off leash running and walking for your buddy and its safe to choose these parks for the entertainment bit.

People in China are not too kind on animals that misbehave and so its very important that your dog doesnt jump on people because police can seize him if a complaint is received.

So are there rules for walking your dog?? Yes of course its better take your buddy out before 6:00 AM and after 7:00 PM to avoid problems. However these days dogs are being walked in daylight.

In all China seems to be a country which neither you nor your puppy or kitty would enjoy.

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