To Menlo Park, CA with Pets!

Recently, we have been pet moving several customers to the beautiful Bay Area, California - or what some refer to as "The Peninsula". We came across a great company that takes the real estate game one step farther - making sure your pets are priority!!

Her company, Peninsula House Hound, sniffs out the best real estate on the peninsula for dogs and their people. She focuses on real estate that is pet friendly and even shows you what types of dog parks are there in your neighborhoods!

Just because there is a dog park down the street from your home doesnt mean it is the right park for your individual dog. Some dog parks are dominated by large, roughhousing dogs and others by small, delicate dogs. Some have aggressive pit bulls and others have passive lap dogs. She works with you and will paint a picture of the personality of the park as well as the location and hours. She can also discuss local dog groups and activities in your areas.

So if you are moving to California, especially the Peninsula - give her a shout!

Happy House Hunting!


PetRelocation Team




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