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Pet travel Sicily for pets:

Planning a trip to Sicily, Italy with your friendly canine companion? Sicily is a land of contrasts, landscapes, beaches and amazingly diverse, ancient heritage. From its sparkling capital Palermo to age-old Roman and Greek ruins, sun-drenched beaches and the omnipresent, fiery Mount Etna, this is one island brimming with treasures. So why wait? Say ciao to Sicily!

Pet friendly days out and attractions:

Sicily! It's more than an island! Discover Sicily and you will discover the world. Sicily is black and white and a million shades of gray and her play ground entices you to mingle with the locals as you explore all of her wonders!

  • Sicily is the biggest island in the Mediterranean, separated from the Italian peninsula by the strait of Messina. It has important mountain groups: Peloritani, Nebrodi, Madonie, and Iblei. The Etna, rising in the center of a volcanic area of Sicily, is the highest active volcano in Europe (3,323 meters); well worth a visit.

  • The magnificent shorelines offer landscapes of fascinating beauty; perfect for a scenic drive or visit quaint, popular Taormina with lovely stepped boutique-filled streets, sandy coves and a fantastic Greco-Roman style theatre. Sorry Fido, but Italian law says that you must wear a muzzle if out in publictruly its for your own protection!

  • Then off to Giardini NaxosҒ scenic stretch of pebbles, cafe culture and exciting water sports which will keep beach-loving families and young Fido busy people watching for hours on end.

  • Experience historical legacy in Phoenician settlements, Punic cities, Greek temples, Roman amphitheatres, Norman Arab castles and Aragonese churches as a reminder of an eclectic history that you can still touch today.

  • Palermo is the regional capital of Sicily and enjoy the Archaeologic Museum, which displays a noteworthy Etruscan collection, sculptures and metopes of the temples of Selinunte; the Regional Gallery of Sicily, with the most important artistic collection of the island. In Agrigento, there is the Regional Archaeologic Museum.

Cuisine and eating out in Sicily:

Being the world's first multicultural society means enjoying the island's passion for food and drink is an absolute must! No matter what youre doing, enjoy a glass of almond wine, a slice of homemade pizza or a steaming strong espresso. Add the locals' alluring zest and hospitality. And of course; a fresh bowl of water for Fido if heҒs thirsty after a busy day touring the city.

This marvelous city is renowned for its seafood with tasty grilled swordfish topping the popularity top hits list! Another favorite of the region is vitello alla marsala (veal marsala or you can have it with chicken if you prefer. Milza (veal spleen) sandwiches anyone? Your friendly feline may like this specialty, but it is a required taste for most humans!

Desserts are to die for. Why not try cannoli, tasty tubular crusts with creamy ricotta and sugar filling. Frutta di Martorana (or pasta reale) are almond marzipan pastries colored and shaped to resemble real fruit? Sicilian gelato (ice cream) is a wonderful way to finish your Sicilian meal or perhaps you and Fido would prefer a bowl of granite which is sweetened crushed ice flavored with lemons or strawberries.

Pet friendly accommodation in Sicily:

There are a number of options when it comes to accommodation in Sicily with pets. Generally reception to pets in holiday venues is a mix from small pets only policies to others that are most accommodating, even allowing them all over the hotel including the restaurants! No doubt dogs will be on their best behavior, especially since theyve heard about the fabulous menu. It is always a good idea to contact your hotel of choice and check regarding their specific rules when it comes to your pet. The Good Hotel Guide (continental edition) is a good source for finding hotels which accept dogs. So be sure to check it out.

Most of the hotels which do accept dogs charge from Ҁ8 to 10 per dog because of the laws regarding cleaning and deodorizing the room after pets have stayed there. As far as; take the comfy couch or the floor? Fido prefers his masters bed!

Finally; have a great time in Sicily and do plan well in advance. Lots of people have taken their dogs on holidays there. You will all find this island is indeed unforgettable; a unique place full of art, archeology, history, folklore and breathtaking scenery.


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