Top 10 Most Liveable Cities

The lifestyle magazine Monocle has been publishing a list of "Most Liveable Cities" since 2007.  The 2009 winners were ranked as follows:

1 Zürich Switzerland (04)
2 Copenhagen Denmark (01)
3 Tokyo Japan (03)
4 Munich Germany (02)
5 Helsinki Finland (05)
6 Stockholm Sweden (07)
7 Vienna Austria (06)
8 Paris France (10)
9 Melbourne Australia (09)
10 Berlin Germany (14)

These cities were rated in a survey on a basis of safety/crime, international connectivity, climate/sunshine, quality of architecture, public transportation, tolerance, environmental issues and access to nature, urban design, business conditions, pro-active policy developments and medical care.

For those considering a move to one of the Top 10 cities, we have the import requirements as follows:

Moving Pets to Switzerland

Moving Pets to Denmark

Moving Pets to Japan

Moving Pets to Germany

Moving Pets to Finland

Moving Pets to Sweden

Moving Pets to Austria

Moving Pets to France

Moving Pets to Australia


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