Top 10 Pet Safe Vehicles for Pet Travel by Car

Looking for a new car to take on a summer road trip?  Or maybe you're planning on cashing in on your clunker.   If you're a pet owner, it's a good idea to be aware of what vehicle will work best for both you and your pet traveling.  This great video with Kelley Blue Book and Bark Buckle Up breaks down the top ten pet safe vehicles for travel with your pet.  Safety experts look primarily for D-rings in the cargo area of the vehicle for securing travel crates, as well as climate-control vents in the back area to keep the airflow going.  This year's winner, the Kia Borrego, boasts five D-rings in the back as well as a side-curtain air bag that protects pets in the back.  A back-up video camera that also can come with the Borrego prevents both children and pets from being run over in the drive way.


PetRelocation Team




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