Top Pet Travel Destinations: Hong Kong Spotlight

hong kong spotlight

Are you planning a relocation to Hong Kong? Need to bring your pet along with you? Though this can be an overwhelming transition to undertake, with guidance and smart planning your family's trip can run smoothly.

To help, we've created a Hong Kong Pet Travel Series to shed some light on the import rules you'll be facing and to offer a few tips from our team of pet travel experts. Follow along to learn more and happy traveling, pet lovers!

Part One: Hong Kong Pet Travel FAQs

It's normal to feel a little lost when you're just getting started, so take a look at these common questions as you begin to put your pet's move together. 

Part Two: 5 Common Hong Kong Obstacles and How to Overcome Them

Many pet travelers encounter these same few roadblocks when planning their relocations to Hong Kong. Here's how to move forward and avoid problems.

Part Three: Hong Kong Pet Shipping Stories

It can be both helpful and comforting to hear the stories and advice of experienced pet travelers, so we've rounded up a few client experiences about pet travel to Hong Kong.


Did you know we have a dedicated Hong Kong Pet Relocation Team ready to step in and handle your pet's move? If you're ready to learn more, let us know!


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