Top Pet Travel News: Mascots, Argentina and More

As usual, this was a busy week in the world of pet news. Catch up with the headlines, and have a wonderful Friday, everyone!

-Here's an update on pets in Japan -- including what life is like three weeks after the earthquake and how recovery efforts are taking pets into account.

-Have you ever consulted an animal behaviorist to deal with your pet's bad habits and anxiety? Many people have found this to be an expensive -- but helpful -- thing to do.

-Men's NCAA fans and four talented teams are getting ready to enjoy the season's final showdown, and most participants won't receive the same star treatment as Butler's mascot, a bulldog named Blue 2. This pup will fly to the game in a private jet, stay at a four-star hotel, and will even have his own security detail upon arrival.

-Southern California has a reputation for being pet-friendly, and San Diego resident Maggie Espinosa and her dog Marcel recently went about checking things out. Find out what this pet owner turned author learned during her pet travels.

-With more and more pets taking to the skies these days, it's good to know that airports are lifting their game as far as pet travel is concerned. Here's a closer look at how Boston Logan International Airport handles pets safely.

-Meet Travelin' Jack, a Bulldog with a blog and a love for adventure. He also has a new book on the shelves, whose proceeds will go to help a no-kill shelter in Jack's native New Mexico.

-We covered the topic of pet-friendly airports a few months ago and it continues to be a topic on our radar, so we were interested to run across Dog Jaunt's coverage of the Dallas airport pet areas. It's a must-read if you'll be traveling through here with a pet anytime soon.

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