Training Pets to be Good Travelers

It's not always the easiest thing to do, but training your pet to well-behaved in public and at home makes life better for everyone. Well-trained pets also tend to make better travelers, another reason to consider putting in the time and energy to teach your furry friend a few basics.

Before a pet relocation we advise owners to help their pets grow accustomed to their travel crates (having a crate-trained dog or cat makes road trips, car travel and airline flights much less stressful). Also, knowing that your dog will come when called, sit on command and wait until they're outside to take care of business means you'll generally be more accepted (and maybe even welcomed) by your fellow travelers.

Our UK friends at recently put together a survey about dog training and illustrated it below. Take a look to see how you and your own furry companions compare!

Do you have any pet training tips to share? Let us know!

Dog Training Stats


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