Travel Documentation for Pets within the US

Travel documentation for relocations within the domestic US is fairly simple (providing you are not going to Hawaii). A valid health certificate, issued within 10 days of the pet travel date, is all that is required. However, why stop there?

It is highly suggested, and becoming a requirement with our pet relocations, to obtain not only obtain current heath certificates but current rabies certificates and updated health and vaccination records that include and verify not only their current health conditions but that they are up to date and protected. Many boarding facilities require this documentation, so I the event of a delay or flight cancelation, should your pet need boarding, you are covered. What if a medical emergency happens to come about during transit? Having all of this information handy for the attending veterinarian could prove invaluable. Plus, when you have reached your destination and your new home, you will be all set when it comes to finding a new vet. Just some food for thought. Another thing I suggest when it comes to the basic health certificate is that even though they are valid for 10 days, wait until as close as you can to the actual departure date. This not only ensures the validity on departure day, but gives you a little room to breath on either side of this date should your plans happen to change. It may seem like a little extra work and documentation but as they say "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."


PetRelocation Team




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