Traveling To and From Rabies-Free Countries

Hi. I have two indoor, declawed cats aged 10 & 11. They have traveled from the US to Melbourne, Australia (lived there for 18 months) and from Melbourne to Tokyo, Japan (have been here for 18 months). In Melbourne they spent 48 days in quarantine, they were allowed to come directly to our house in Tokyo because they were moving from and island country to another island country. There is a great possibility that we will be moved to either Paris or Madrid in the beginning on 2010.

Can you tell me what the requirements would be for them to enter into France or Spain? I am trying to avoid quarantine at all costs! We will be looking forward to using your company as our pet transporter, we do not move the cats ourselves, to much stress for all of us. I look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely, Terri

Hi Terri!  Wow - your pets are quite the world travelers!  Here's the good news:  For your cats to travel to France or Spain from Tokyo, they will not have to undergo quarantine upon arrival in either country.

The reason you have run into so many quarnatine issues before is because you have been moving to islands which are rabies-free.  As Spain and France are not considered rabies-free, just rabies-controlled, a pet traveling to either of those countries from a rabies-free country will never have to undergo quarantine.  If you were traveling from a country which is not seen as rabies-controlled, like Thailand, for example, then they would need to have blood tests done and then wait for 120 days in order to avoid quarantine in France or Spain.

They will still need health certificates and the usual vaccination requirements will need to be up to date.  We would love to assist with preparing your cats' export documentation when the time comes for you and your cats to move.  We hope this has cleared up some of your concerns for now, and look forward to working with you!


PetRelocation Team




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