Traveling to Austria with Pets!

There are only a few places in the world that qualify to be a year-round holiday destination and Austria is one of them. The country has a variety of winter sports in the Alps and is also known for its amazing architectural heritage. The country has grand heritage for music with this being the birthplace of world-renowned musician Mozart.

Austria has a lot of cities, which can hold the breath of the visitors who come here. Vienna the capital of Austria is a fantastic holiday destination with lots of historical buildings and is also the hub of the country's musical life. The city has beautiful places to visit and also is the center for art and music.

If you or your pet are scared of cold weather, then its best to visit Austria between April and October. As these are the warm months, the tourist inflow is high and so are the prices. The country is also known for its famous institutions and they close down during the summer months. For adventure freaks, you will have plenty of choices with city trips and hiking activities during June.

The cold months will have temperatures dropping considerably and it can get bitterly cold. Except during Easter and Christmas, the hotel prices are lower during these cold months. So your friend might not like it there when its cold but it surely will cost dearly to your pockets. 

The country has rich musical heritage and a lot of music festivals are held all round the year. The majority of these festivals are held between May and October and many we have heard, can be very pet friendly which allows for pet friendly travel.



If you are bringing a dog into Austria you surely will have a lot of friends, as in the capital city of Vienna there are around 50,000 dogs and Austria is being known as a dog-lovers paradise.



So you will find dogs everywhere and your pet will be welcomed anywhere he goes. The best friend that any man or woman would surely have in this country would be a dog and so you will be happy to be a part of the community. With this many pets around, your pet you too might find some owner interesting enough to catch up for a coffee or even a nice walk in the beautiful landscapes spread over Austria.



So this lovely dog loving country is waiting for your pet and who knows your pet might just have a love story in this country. So pack your bags and also get your pet transport or pet travel arrangements in order, so your puppy will have friends to take care of in this country.


PetRelocation Team




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