Traveling to Cyprus with your Pets?!

Moving to Cyprus, Greece with your pets?!

Cyprus has great weather, gorgeous beaches and is certainly a very attractive travel destination; and for this reason many visitors are tempted to return either for another holiday or a more permanent stay. If you are considering either visiting or relocating to this Mediterranean island with your much loved pet; there are some things that you will need to take care of first! A pet friendly, stress free trip is easy; so long as you plan and organize everything properly beforehand!

The rules are a bit of a grey area with pet travel here; so it is advisable to speak with the KAR Kyrenia Animal Rescue (KAR), North Cyprus- This animal charity provides information about moving pets to and from North Cyprus, sponsorship and campaigns.

Once you have arrived; all dogs and cats imported into Cyprus must be subject to six months home quarantine. Although the quarantine situation is not ideal, many people moving here do bring their pets with them and experience no problems.

Cyprus is a nice place to explore. If traveling in and around Cyprus there is plenty for you to see and do with your family; and your dog can come along too so long as your pet does not come in direct contact with other animals. This is best done by hiring a car and traveling that way, to see this magnificent islands attractions and scenery. Of course you can always take your companion for a walk on a leash so long as there are no other animals around.

Remember that your dog really isnҒt too interested in socializing with camels at Mazotos Camel Park or donkeys, or ostriches for that matter either; nor bowling at Cosmic or Rock N Bowl Bowling, no water parks, theme parks and a definite NO to any Dinosaur Park that the kids may insist on visiting! Do take the kids though, as they will love it! Leave your pet sleeping safe and soundly at your accommodation.

When you get home after a great day out with the kids; all that your furry friend really needs and wants is pretty much any game or activity that involves him/her and you! Even just a pat, scratch and rub while snuggled up watching a movie together will guarantee that your dog is happy; just because you're giving him/her attention!

The kafenioђ or Coffee Shop is the place to meet friends, enjoy a game of Tavliђ, the Greek version of Backgammon or relax with a Greek coffee, tea, fresh juice or a home-made fruit squash. Its the most important place in the village. Cypriots are happiest when eating, so if you can leave your pet at the hotel and join them for a mezze, a slow banquet of Cypriot delicacies such as grilled halloumi, dolmades and kleftiko, (lamb slowly baked till it drops off the bone)- you wonҒt be disappointed!
Because of the strict pet quarantine rules in Cyprus; it may be best to learn a few basic Greek dishes, and cook up a storm in your self-catering accommodation.

Some local foods and dishes for you to try:

* Yemista: are stuffed vegetables all kinds, favorites in every Cypriot family. Stuffed wine-leaves are called "Koupepia. Also tasty are stuffed peppers, tomatoes, onions, courgettes and aubergines. The filling is made with rice and grated tomatoes, or you can add minced meat if you like.
* Souvla: can be translated with Ԅskewer". Souvla are mainly pieces of Lam or Chicken, grilled on charcoal grill.
* Shiftalies: another tasty dish from the charcoal grill is the small sausages of minced meat.
* Kleftiko: is a piece of lamb or goat wrapped in foil and baked in an airtight baking dish.
* Mousaka: is a typical summer meal and can be eaten warm or cold. Moussaka is prepared with potatoes or/and courgettes and aubergines, and covered with a tasteful cream.

Then wash it all down with a local Cyprus beer, brandy or wine!

And dont forget plenty of Greek salad, feta and crusty bread!

Pet Friendly Accommodations?

The main priority when traveling in Cyprus with pets is to be very careful! There are possible hazards which include poisoning and snake bites! The poisoning occurs here in an attempt to get rid of stray animals...this poison is very fast acting! Snakes donҒt attack but it your dog is happily sniffing away and accidentally unearths one he may well be bitten. It is imperative that those intending to visit Cyprus know about these possible hazards so that they are equipped to avoid them as much as possible.

Self-catering pet friendly accommodation is your best option, and that way you can enjoy the attractions knowing that your lovable pet is safe and sound in your apartment and then you can have heaps of fun together when you get back from a busy day out!

* Villa Holiday Cyprus offers a wide selection of styles of accommodation with a safe and upscale environment for dogs to play, romp and receive lots of exercise, fun and attention.
* Kennels and Catteries: There are a number of centers offering short term boarding options for your animals and also some people who do house sitting services and who will look after your animal if youre away for a short time or sight-seeing. This is another safe option if you are planning to visit Cyprus with your pet.

Finally; Cyprus is a lovely holiday travel destination and despite some tricky aspects it is possible to take your pets with you. Do carry out some extra research and take the time to find suitable pet-friendly accommodation to ensure the safety of your trusty friend!


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