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Another question from AllExperts, this time from M.:

I have 5 month old kitten who is 5 kos in weight(maine coon)and I need to go to Serbia(Europe) for 2 weeks. I have purchased ticket for Czech Airlines flight for me. How big the does the pet carrier need to be to fit under the seat and is it a good idea *-to take him with me or I should better leave him in the /house and find someone to come daily to feed him and check if he is ok?
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Answer: Hi Marina,You don't say where you are departing from to go to Serbia but the amount of pet travel for the kitten at a young age would be quite a lot in only 2 weeks of time. It will be better to leave your kitten behind for two weeks, that way you won't cause undue stress to your kitten.Bring him back a toy mouse from Serbia instead! :)Happy travels & wagging tails!Kind regards,Rachel


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