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Dear PetRelocation,
I would like to take my pet along with me in the cabin, is it possible to do this? She is 8 kg. Also, she is partially disabled (bent back leg) but overall healthy without any other allergies or disorders.

Basically I would like to know the pet-friendly flights from Hyderabad to Vancouver and also all the important documents required. She has never traveled anywhere and gets cranking without me around her; she is very scared and seems uncomfortable being outside of the house.
I would like to know how best can we keep her with me and safe while travelling.
Thank You,
Hi Satya,
Thank you for your questions -- hopefully we can help shed some light on the pet travel process so that you can plan a safe and smooth relocation.
First, take a look at these frequently asked pet travel questions for an overview of what to expect. You'll also want to take a look at the pet import requirements for Canada. For additional resources, you can also check the official Canada Government site for information about pet import rules to Canada.
It sounds like your dog would benefit from some crate training; in the weeks before you plan to travel, help her to grow more comfortable with the crate by leaving it out at all times in a common area, placing toys, treats and blankets in it, and even feeding her in it. By making the travel crate feel like a normal part of her life, she won't be so nervous when it's time to get on the plane. Please read more about dog crate training here.
As for airlines, we typically use KLM, United, British Airways and Lufthansa and our clients' pets travel via cargo. You're welcome to research various airlines to find out about their options for in-cabin travel, but it's likely your dog will need to travel via cargo. Please know that cargo travel can be very safe when the right decisions are made, as the information in the links above will explain.
If you're interested in hiring some assistance with your move, please feel free to fill out our online consultation form. We'd be happy to help!
Either way, good luck with everything and thanks again for reaching out.
Pet Transport Question Details:
Name: Satya
From: Hyderabad, India
To: Vancouver, British Colombia
Pet: Chutki, Mixed Breed, 6 years old

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