Traveling With Big Dogs to Hawaii

Hi PetRelocation,

What airlines can accommodate our Great Dane? The "approved" airline crates don't seem to be large enough for him and we're having trouble finding an airline that will allow our dog and crate.
Hi Susan,
Thank you for your inquiry! Bringing pets to Hawaii can be a little bit complicated sometimes, and we'd be happy to help you with some information.
First, it sounds like you may need a custom crate for your large dog -- here's more information about custom pet crates and how you can obtain one. (You're also welcome to contact our office to discuss your options.)
Next, you'll need to book a reservation on a plane that's large enough to accommodate the crate -- this may require calling United Airlines to inquire about your options or enlisting the help of a pet travel specialist who can make this arrangement on your behalf.
Additionally, here are a few essential pet travel tips and a link to the Hawaii pet import requirements just in case you need to reference them once again.
Again, just let us know if we can be of service -- we've helped many pets move safely to Hawaii (including Penny the Goldendoodle) and would be happy to discuss your options with you.
Hope this helps! Good luck and safe travels, Susan.
Pet Travel Question Details:
Name: Susan
Estimated Move Date: Jan 20, 2016
Reason: Work
From: San Jose, CA
To: Honolulu, HI
Pet: Buster, dog, Great Dane, 1 year 9 months


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