Traveling With Dogs to the United States from Europe

Hi PetRelocation,

I was wondering about the process of moving my 12-week-old puppies from Ukraine to New York as cargo. I am in the US and will not be traveling with them. Please let me know if this is possible and the process. Thank you very much!




Hi Oksana,

Thank you for your inquiry! The pet import requirements for the United States are pretty straightforward, but you will need to take care of a few important details in order to safely bring your puppies over.

To start, here is a link to the pet import requirements for the United States. You'll need an International Health Certificate and proof that your dogs have an up to date rabies vaccine. Note that we do not suggest that dogs travel before the age of 16 weeks -- ideally they should be big and strong enough to better handle the travel process and also old enough to receive their vaccines.

Finally, we also suggest taking a look at these pet travel tips to find out more about how to choose the right pet travel crates and how to choose a pet friendly airline. Pets can fly unaccompanied via cargo (in fact that is how most of our clients' pets travel), but they'll need to be checked in on the departure end and cleared through customs upon arrival by you, a friend, or a pet travel agent.

If you think you'd like to hire some assistance, feel free to give our office a call (1-877-PET-MOVE) or fill out our consultation form to connect to a Specialist.

Hope this helps, good luck!


Pet Travel Question Details:

Name: Oksana
Number of Pets: 2
Pet Type: Puppy
Pet Breed: Pekingese
From: Kiev, Ukraine
To: JFK, New York, USA


PetRelocation Team




United States
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