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Can you tell me at what age a puppy can come to France from the USA? What documents do we need do take care of to do this?

Thank you very much.

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Hi Caroline,

Thank you for your inquiry! According to the official France pet import requirements via the European Commission, France does not make special allowances for young pets entering the country. Essentially, they must meet all rabies and vaccine requirements, so must therefore be old enough to receive all shots, etc. and then fulfill the required waiting periods.

Here is an overview of the pet import requirements for France. Your puppy must receive a rabies vaccination following the microchip implantation, and the rabies vaccination must occur at least 21 days before the final vet visit.

We recommend talking to your vet about an appropriate time to vaccinate your dog (most vets recommend waiting until at least 12-16 weeks before administering the rabies vaccine). Realistically, when entering France your dog will likely be 16 weeks at the very minimum (for safety reasons as well as vaccine-related ones, PetRelocation does not fly pets younger than 16 weeks).

If you have any questions about preparing your dog for travel, please take a look at our blog for a few pet travel tips. If you think you'd like some help planning your relocation, please fill out our online consultation form to connect to a pet relocation specialist.

Hopefully this has been helpful, Caroline. Good luck and happy traveling!


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Name: Caroline
Number of Pets: 1
Pet Type: Dog
Pet Breed: Dutch Shepherd
From: USA
To: France


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