Traveling with pets to Croatia!

The sublime Adriatic coast stretches along Croatia making it one of the most beautiful parts of Europe. Visitors and tourists are always found flocking the lovely coastal island resorts and the tourist industry is a booming force in Croatia.



Croatia has the recently restored other-worldliness of Dubrovnik's Stari Grad and the cobbled streets of Rovini. The country also has some of the oldest and finest roman ruins, which make this place a hunting ground for a lot of historians. The immense palace of Diocletian in Split and Pula's amphitheatre are a few famous remains of this region



There is a strong Italian influence on Croatia due to the long stretch of coast that runs from Istria to Dalmatia. The interior regions of this country have strong central European flavor. Millions of holidaymakers love to visit this country and this is known as the sun n sea destination.



Rock bottom prices during the months of April to September make this season a very friendly season for most travelers. Zagreb is likely to be comfortable and the cultural season is in full swing at this time. For all other outdoor activities May and June are the months. So if you are an adventure freak there are lots of activities to keep you busy in this country. With so many places to visit, it is great to also know that many of these locations are a bit friendly. Locals have told us that it is a matter of respect and if your pet is respectful so will the people around it be to them!



The tourist season is full fledged during July and August and its very expensive to travel during these months. However the peak season travel will ensure that the extra boat lines will whisk you to the islands, and organized excursions will take you to out-of-the-way highlights. September is the best month as the crowds get thinner, off-season rates applies. Fruits like figs and grapes are found in abundance in this season and so if you are on a diet you can manage your stay amazingly well with very little calories getting added to your body.

You can take a few steps to prevent your pet from getting sick while on tour. Consult with your vet before leaving and pick up refills of any medications your pet will need before the pet airline travel. You might want make extra preparations when traveling to areas with fleas or ticks, so that your pet remains unaffected from the pets travel.



Croatia is a place to enjoy the beaches and also to take your pet on a vacation to one of the most beautiful destinations. Of course he will enjoy the stay in this lovely country with an amazing weather and warm people. Also a lot depends on what amount of time you spend on the beach as your pet might just ask for some beach clothing!


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