Traveling with Pets to Poland!

Poland has been the bridge between east and west Europe. The country lies right in the heart of Europe with its rural areas not developed and cities and towns having contemporary slickers. The rural areas still have horse drawn carts taking on the country lanes and in cities the visitors have everything they need for a scintillating party.



The country has everything to offer the visitors including the hospitality of the people and their care. The country is reasonably cheap and also safe for tourists with the people always welcoming you into their country. The country even after making good progress and getting modernized has maintained its traditional culture.



May to September is the tourist season in Poland with its beaches filled with people who love sun bathing. Also the spas are the most favorite spots of the visitors. The country has a lot of lakes and they are crowded with thousands of sailboats during the peak season.



Summer months are the best to visit Poland as there are lots of cultural activities that take place during this time. There are lot of festivals that take place at this time of the year and it will be a treat to watch these age old traditional activities. The other advantage of traveling in summer months is that the weather is pleasantly warm making your stay on the beaches a real good one. However the winter months are good as well to visit some of the cities. So the choice is yours and if you wish to spend more on whiskey then its better to travel in the winter months.



December through March is the skiing season and Polish Mountains have a spectacular view. A lot of enthusiasts make their way in the winter months and most of the places are busy with lot of activity. The hotels and transport to these places are still not well developed but with spectacular views and decent rates this is a place that most travelers want to visit.. Some of the best ski facilities are available in Zakopane, Poland's winter capital, and the nearby Tatra Mountains. So if you plan in advance and make sure you stay in these places your skiing experience will be an unmatched one.



So here are few tips on how to take care of your pet while pet transporting. 

Take a lot of extra towels for wiping the paws and wet or dirty bodies of your little friend. Leashes, which will help keep your pet in control. If you are traveling to a remote area, get an extra leash as a backup just in case one of them breaks. Pets love their own bedding and carrying the bedding will help immensely, of course, dog travel crates aren't a bad idea either.


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