Traveling with pets to Romania!

Majestic castles are the first ones to invite you towards Romania, a European country with medieval towns and this country is chasing the dreams of the west for sure.

The country boasts of great wildlife with nice hiking experiences to offer for the visitors. People here can enjoy skiing at very low prices and this is a major reason for a lot of tourists to visit this country.



Romania has horse-drawn carts jostle for space against fast cars and there is a clear divide between the poor and rich as in most developing countries. The country is no more a new kid on the European block as its made headway into progress and is also making new friends in the European Union.



Visiting Romania is a very easy task and even though you dont have it on your original route map a couple of days spent here can make you experience something new and fresh. Romania offers a rich tapestry of tourist attractions, which are unique in Europe.

Even though Romania offers basic accommodation and tourist facilities its warm loving people and low rates are surely going to make an impact on you. So any traveler would want to come back to this hospitable and affordable country.



Romania is a well maintained country so there won't be any chance of a health hazard and your travel can be safe and enjoyable. Its better to be well equipped though and so we would suggest you to carry mosquito repellents and bottled water to avoid any unnecessary issues. However itҒs perfectly fine to drink water from this serene and clean country. The country also has high standards in medical facilities with its doctors making name across the world for their achievements. So you can be sure that you are in safe hands of Mother Nature and of course the most renowned doctors of the world.



Autumn season is the best for bird watching and the peak season is in the months of May and June. Places like Medieval painted monasteries of Bucovina are the ones you want to visit and enjoy it without large crowds. Winters are bitterly cold but who is bothered as Romania offers skiing at very low prices and it begins in early June. So as the snow fall increases the inflow of tourists increases as well. With very affordable prices for all skiing facilities you might just want your pet to have a shot at skiing as well.



Dont be surprised if your pet finds a lot of new friends in this country as Romanians are very pet friendly. And with such affordable prices and warm people your easy pet travel will surely make you extend your stay in this country.


PetRelocation Team




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