Traveling with Pets to The Netherlands!

A country full of surprises and filled with flower fields has a lot to offer for its tourists.

Netherlands is a country with dykes, windmills, and a spectacular countryside. So to roam around in this not so big country you can go the Dutch way by hiring bikes and enjoying the nature on 2 wheels. This is the best way to travel as the country has places at very short distances. And riding on a bike in the serene and lush green countryside can be treat for all tourists. This also reduces your cost to a large extent and maximizes your ability to explore this beautiful country.

Summer is the season to be in Netherlands as its across Europe. The summer months are always most enjoyable as people of this country come out in large crowds to enjoy any activity that takes place. Camping by the Canal is a major activity in summer and it can be truly relaxing. A lot of families do this on a regular basis as the access to the canals is very easy and it takes care of your free time in the best possible way. ItҒs a very prominent and most liked activity as this helps in spending quality time with families. August is a busy month with lots of activities keeping everyone busy.

In winters if everything freezes you have canals becoming the ground for skiing. So the local population is found to making the best use of the winter canals in this country. It really doesnt cost much for skiing and so it becomes very easy for you to have a shot at skiing in its raw form.

A country that has a friendly weather can easily hold your pet hostage for a long period of time. This means your trip can be extended to enjoy the summer party by the side of the canal and also spend the winter skiing on the frozen canals.

So lets also take a look at what else you can carry to make for a happy pet transport to the pet friendly Netherlands.

Pets love their own bedding in their cat or dog crate and carrying the bedding will help immensely.

You can also carry plastic bags because that can help you clean up any mess that your cute pet has to offer. Pet grooming tools like a comb, brush, pet shampoo and anything you need to keep your pet fresh.

With the above-mentioned preparations you and your pet are ready for a comfortable and happy vacation. Do not miss the fun filled bike ride. Get your pet to sit at the back and see him enjoy the journey!


PetRelocation Team




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