Traveling with your dog to Switzerland!

All your bags are packed and you are ready to go! In the heart of the Alps Switzerland is a wonderful holiday spot in Europe. Travelers from near and far visit the country every year to have a glimpse of the Swiss Alps and the natural beauty of the country. Famous for its chocolates and watches, Switzerland is one country that you should not miss upon while on a European tour. There are many things that you would love to do in this beautiful country from hiking to visiting the natural parks which are an amazing plethora of flora and fauna. You and your family are all excited and so is your dog. His warm clothes are in place and he is all ready for a tour of the Swiss Alps.

It is generally thought that European countries are friendlier to canines than America or Canada. This is the reason why many people prefer to take their pets when they are on a European trip and Switzerland being a part of Europe is no exception. Taking your pet on a trip to Switzerland is not a bad idea because you will not face the burden of moving around with a pet as you may face in an American city. There are certain points regarding pets that one needs to take care of when coming into Switzerland. You should get in touch with the Swiss Embassy and find about the laws governing pets in that country. If your country of residence has a known history of Rabies then you might need to have an advance plan and will need to submit a blood report before you can move into Switzerland. Please ensure that you do not forget the pet carrier when boarding the flight, because Fido may not be able to travel if you have forgotten his box. Airlines do not allow pets without a carrier. If you are taking Fido into a hotel, be prepared to shell out a few Swiss Franks more for his entry into the hotel. The extra charge may vary from 5 Swiss Franks to 25 Franks. Hotels and restaurants generally display if pets are welcome or not. If Fido wants to have a train ride in, you will need to buy a half second class train ticket for him. This is the rule irrespective of whether you are traveling in the first class or second class.

Overall, Switzerland is a good place for dog travel. You just need to be careful that the pet does not create a ruckus when it is out in the public. This may cause authorities to caution you. Go ahead and enjoy your European trip with your family and your puppy!


PetRelocation Team




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