Traveling with your pet to Cyprus!

Cyprus is a beautiful European country where east meets west. A place where heavenly beaches and rugged mountains come together and also fashionable spas sit by side of the village caf. The beaches attract the clubbing crowds and those interested in sun bathing while the country has more to offer for the other people. The traditional villages with ancient sites and huge castles make the inland of the country a special place for the visitors.



For close to 30 years Cyprus was separated by a green line, which is now open giving an opportunity to the visitors to enjoy the complete beauty of this beautiful country. The visitors will now have access to every part of the country starting from beaches to the ancient castles.

June to September would be the best time to visit this country and with hot Mediterranean climate during these months the country is jam packed with tourists. So if you love crowds and also sure that your pet is a party animal as well then just go ahead and enjoy your days in the lovely serene beaches of Cyprus.



The prices increase sharply during the summer months and if you want your pockets to be heavy always, it's best to choose the non-summer months. So a trip in April/may should do a world of good for budget travelers



The religions followed in the country have Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots. Greek Cypriots attend church regularly and so southern Cyprus is one of the most religious parts of Europe. So this religious country has a very welcoming nature and so are the rules for getting pets into the country.



A religious country by nature, the people here are very friendly and take care of the visitors in the best possible way. So your pet will also be treated equally as well and he will enjoy the attention and reception of the people around him. The beach parties are filled with cool crowds and that should motivate you and your pet to have a long stay in this country.



The expenses can be minimized to a large extent if you plan your movement in advance and all the things are in place. Book your places of stay in advance so that you and your pet can concentrate more on enjoying the good life!



Cyprus will be happy to accept your pet for sure and your pet will be thrilled to spend time on the beaches of the country enjoying the lovely sun and also a few fellow pets. So make your pet travel move easier by preparing your pet transport well in advance!


PetRelocation Team




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