Two Great Boarding Kennels in Hong Kong

Petrelocation - We received some feedback recently regarding boarding and day care kennels in pet friendly Hong Kong. The first one is PetWorld, a fun pet-lover's paradise that appeals to both dog owners and their pups. According to one of our past clients, it can be difficult to get to if you don't have a car, but they do offer pickup & delivery service. There is an agility course as well as two dog-friendly swimming pools (life vests are available for dog's who aren't quite ready to take off their water wings yet!). PetWorld also offers a Dog Club, which acts like a country club for dog owners -- you can bring your pets, hang out by the BBQ pit and socialize with other dog lovers while watching Fido and Fluffy run around in the grassy dog park.

On the other side of the spectrum, located in Kowloon, there is the Dogotel, a pet hotel that makes up for its lack of outdoor facilities with its premium indoor boarding kennels, grooming salon and day care service. They also offer obedience training with an on-site trainer, Mr. C.C. Cheung, who gives group lessons as well as one-on-one private training sessions. Another upscale feature is Dogotel's D.Cafe.Bar, which was initially started as a place for pet owner's to grab a bite to eat while waiting for their pet to be groomed, but has since turned into a full-fledged cafe and bar with a complete liquor license.

Both of these facilities not only offer premium services for Hong Kong pets, but also offer an opportunity for newcomers to Hong Kong to meet other people who have moved to a new country and are living in Hong Kong with pets.


PetRelocation Team




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