UK Pet Travel Spotlight: UK Pet Travelers Share Their Stories

uk pet travel spotlight

Now that we've discussed the most important parts of pet travel to the UK in our UK Pet Travel Spotlight Series, hopefully the process seems a little less daunting and a lot more manageable.

To wrap up the series we'd like to share a few stories from pet owners who have already tackled the UK pet import process (and who have shown it can be done safely and without too much stress). It always helps to hear from someone who has done it before, so take some time to soak in this advice on various topics, experiences and photos.

Enjoy this real world UK pet travel advice, and if you're ready to enlist some help and get your pet's move started, contact us for a consultation today.

Navigating The UK's Tough Rules:

"I know from living there before that they are very strict with customs and laws regarding dogs, so I knew I needed help to make sure everything was in order. One mistake can cost you quarantine time and I really did not want that, so I knew from my last experience with PetRelocation that they could get the job done and I wouldn't have to stress myself stupid." Read More

Travel Crates & Crate Training:

"We have been very satisfied with our two cats' move from Moscow, Russia, to London, UK. It was well prepared (crates delivered before so they could get used to them), all executed in one single day and with care (keeping the two crates facing each other so the two friends did not lose sight of each other)." Read More


Move Day:

"We left sunny New Mexico and were driven to Denver, Colorado where we boarded overnight. The following day we took a 10 hour flight direct to London, England. We arrived after breakfast, cleared customs in a few hours and were in our new town of Bristol in time to eat a large dinner and curl up for the night." Read More

"We received updates throughout the day and then he arrived at the front step of our new home -- on time and understandably anxious from all of the travel, but otherwise completely fine. I kept Coco in a quiet room for the remainder of the day and then he settled in ever so well." Read More

Hiring Help With Your Pet's Move:

"They worked with me to find the most cost effective move, and they were incredibly flexible with constantly shifting travel dates. They were so helpful with all the paperwork to the point where it was nearly effortless on my part. My cats were provided top-notch care on the day of travel and they arrived safe and sound. Simon and Margaret are so happy to be with me again and are enjoying their new home in Britain." Read More

"For travel to the U.K., there is a very tight timeline that must be followed to avoid quarantine. One part of this is a USDA form that can only be sent a few days before travel and must be certified before the trip. When my pet travel specialist Linda realized that Peach’s forms were caught in a backlog, she got in touch with the agency and made sure that we made the deadline." Read More

cats in the uk

Settling In:

"Holly and Geoff seemed completely unphased by the whole experience! As soon as they arrived at their new home, they ate some food and stretched their legs and were ready for a long sleep. The following day, it was as if they had never been anywhere else! It was certainly a worrying time for us as parents (especially when the online cargo tracking stated "Cargo Missing" for 40 minutes!), but we were very happy with having them back with us." Read More

"Everything went very well with Betty's move and she has settled in brilliantly. It was quite easy to pick Betty up from Animal Reception and there were no issues. Surprisingly she has not had jet-lag and has been excited to begin exploring London. It feels like our family is complete now. Thank you so much for all your help organising this move. I would not have been able to do this on my own. If, and when, we move back to the US, we will definitely use your company again." Read More

peach in the uk

Life in the UK:

"The dogs have their nose to the ground from the moment we leave the house. The weather is in the 60s and they are allowed off lead in the valleys and on the beach. They really seem to be so joyous when we walk. There is much more freedom on walks with designated off and on leash spots. There are rolling hills, sea views and cold breezes. They are so tired at night, they put themselves to bed around six. Dogs are allowed everywhere in Hastings: pubs, restaurants and coffee shops, inside and out. They're with us all day and have socialized really well. I love that I am always with them." Read More

"The girls are thoroughly enjoying their new big garden and have been to the seaside for the first time and even been off leash!!" Read More

Thanks to these globetrotting pets and pet owners for sharing their incredible experiences with us! Take a look at the rest of our UK Pet Travel Spotlight and contact us if you need help arranging your pet's upcoming move.

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