United Kingdom

The United Kingdom the land on which the sun never sets. The country that reminds anyone about glory and grandeur. The country where a lot of inventions took place contributing to today֒s modern culture. A country, which is still ruled by the Queen.

The UK controls a lot of global organizations and is the center for science, education, sports and fine arts. With its rich cultural background the country has many places of historical interest, which can be visited all through the year.

The climate in UK is cold and rain can follow you anywhere you go. Please make sure to have an umbrella with you and of course your companion needs a good cover from rain too.

United Kingdom receives rainfall all throughout the year making it a wet country and its clean and green countryside easily makes it your pet kings favorite destination. A stroll in the royal streets of England with your buddy can just make feel like one of those members of the royal family.

However there are a few rules before you and your pet can experience the grandeur.

United Kingdom has a set of procedures, which are to be followed to get into the country.

Pet Travel Scheme (PETS) is a system through which ferrets, dogs and cats from certain countries are allowed to enter the UK without quarantine. But they have to meet the rules specified. These rules are to make sure that UK remains Rabies free and so the rules might not be as tough in some other countries. Once you gain a pet transport entry into UK it means that your dogs, cats and ferrets gain entry into other European Union (EU) countries without the need for quarantine - gotta love that for your puppy!

In Great Britain even if you meet the requirement of PETS its against the law to domesticate few types of animals. Also you cannot import dogs, cats or ferrets into the UK if they are not vaccinated against Rabies.

There are a few sea, air and rail routes and only through there you are allowed to import pets into UK. Pets from unlisted countries have to spend 6 months in quarantine.

However with or without the PETS scheme you have to make sure that your buddy is Micro chipped, Vaccinated and Blood tested. These are steps that cannot be avoided under any circumstances.

It is much easier to get your pet into the UK and the fact that you can move around in the EU nations is an added advantage. So pack your bags and get ready for that royal stroll and I am sure your pet king wonҒt mind a bit of gold around his neck this time.


PetRelocation Team




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