United States Pet Travel Rules

Name: Robb
Number of Pets: 1
Pet Type: Dog
Pet Breed: Dalmatian
From: Salt Lake City, Utah
To: Crossville, TN

Dear PetRelocation,

Are there any special fees for the dog traveling by air through cities like St. Louis, and are there any special vaccinations (shots) other than normal rabies/parvo, etc?




Hi Robb,

Thanks for your question. Domestic pet travel isn't nearly as complicated as traveling with pets internationally, but it's still a good idea to allow some time for planning and to make sure you have everything you need.

To go from Utah to Tennessee, your dog will need a vet health certificate issued within 10 days of departure stating she's fit to fly, and you'll also need to show that she's up to date on her rabies vaccine. Here's link with the information you'll need about traveling with your dog to Tennessee.

Beyond that, you can contact the airline you're using to find out about their pet travel rules and fees, secure the correct travel crate, and then you should be good to go. Please contact us if you have any remaining questions, though, and if you're interested in our door-to-door services you can fill out our free quote form.

Thanks again, and have a great trip.



PetRelocation Team




United States
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