Unpacking Tips for People Moving with Pets

This is a guest blog from the pet friendly editors at Relocation.com, a one-stop shop for moving services and news.

While packing might be one of the most unpopular moving chores, unpacking ranks a close second.

However, the sooner you get unpacked, the sooner you can get on with your life in your new home - and the sooner your cat will come from under the couch.

Pets dig routine, so get a new routine going in your new home as quickly as you can. Here are some tips on unpacking and setting up your new home.

Big Stuff First: Before moving companies start bringing in furniture and boxes, get the carpets situated. Then place the furniture - you can make outlines on the floor where big items should go, or just direct the movers where you want them.

Also, be sure the boxes and rooms are clearly labeled so the movers know in which rooms the boxes should go. Moving boxes around after the move-in is no fun.

Just Do It: When you pack, pack the things you use least often first, labeling them with the contents inside, along with sequential numbers - 1, 2, 3, etc.  When you unpack, you'll unpack the higher-numbered boxes (the most important items) first, and then the lower numbers.

And set a plan for how you're going to unpack. Some folks like to unpack all of the boxes in each room before going on to the next room; others prefer to do a few moving boxes a day per room.

Either way, set a goal for when you want to unpack everything. And if you find you're still staring at some of the same unpacked boxes six months from now, maybe you can just rid of that.

Set Aside the Pet's Stuff: Make sure this is clearly labeled so you can get at it right away after your move. Your pet will appreciate it.

First Rooms First: Unpack the kids room first and/or get a TV working - both will keep the kids occupied while you keep unpacking. Then tackle the kitchen, and the other bedrooms. And try to set up your bed right away - you'll be tired after moving, so you'll need a good night's rest.

Also, while you're busy moving in and unpacking, make sure the windows and doors are shut. Your pet will be disoriented at the new place, and might try to bolt if they see an opening.

The dog that tried to run home is no myth.


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