“We could not have made this move without you!”

Hi Scotty!

Through the magic of the Internet (and my husband's laptop's webcam!) I saw the cats as they arrived safe and sound! Niko immediately headed for the litter box, Sasha ran to the kitchen and buried her head in her food dish, and Marmalade is looking around as if to say, "Where the heck am I?" All is well and my husband is very, very happy to be reunited with the kitties! They are such an important part of our family!

THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES for everything! We could not have made this move without you, Matt, Amy, and all the other great people at PetRelocation. You are the absolute best!

With Kind Regards, and all our thanks,
Linda and John B.

3 cats moving from US to UK


PetRelocation Team




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